What happens when you get an offer from a potential buyer?

What happens when you get an offer from a potential buyer?

When you get an offer from a potential buyer, you will need to confirm the buyer’s financial qualifications for example pre-approved letter from mortgage lender. Once this is confirmed then proceed with making an agreement on the purchase price with the buyer or buyer’s agent and negotiate terms then accept an offer. You may want to hire a real estate attorney to view all the paperwork. Provide legal documents to buyer’s lawyer, the buyer and buyer’s agent. Expect and facilitate buyer inspector and appraiser who may come to perform assessment of the property. If you have mortgage loans outstanding then you may want to make arrangements to pay off the loan. Close the sale by agreeing on closing date and venue with all parties involves. Move out if you occupy the property and cancel utilities and hand over keys, alarms etc to buyer.

NB//State specific forms, contracts and other documents are base on your state and municipality.

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