Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy


How do we collect information from you and what information do we collect

a.       When you sign up on our website and when you use our products you are giving voluntary information to us. This includes your name, email address, contact information etc.

b.      The Right Choice Investments Corporation server automatically receives information about when you use or interact with our products. It collects information such as when and how often you visit our site, Internet Protocol address, your browser type and settings, the date and time you request information, and how you used The Right Choice Investments Corporation website. We may use persistent or session cookies sent from your computer when you access our website to record data.

c.       We may also collect information about the device you're using while browsing The Right Choice Investments Corporation website. This information depends on your device manufacturer policies and software provider. The information collected includes the type of device, type of operating system you are using, distinctive device identifiers, device settings and crash data.

How do we use the information we collect
The information we collect from you is used to improve the products we provide, expand or create new products, and protect The Right Choice Investments Corporation and protect you, our users. It creates statistics on the products and helps us to make informative assessment and evaluation. We use the information to send updates to you, for marketing purposes and other information that may be of interest to you. It is use for identification purpose such as identify you as a unique person or identify you. We use the information wherever we operate our business.

How is your information shared?

We may share your listing information with our services such as facebook, pinterest, Google and twitter. We have your consent to advertise your listings on these social media sites for more exposure as part of our marketing tool and when you link your Right Choice Investments Corporation account to these social media’s. Disclosure of your information is dependent compliance with a law, regulation or legal request. In addition, the information is use to protect the rights and safety of the public or person or The Right Choice Investments Corporation or to avoid or address fraud, security or technical issues. We may list your listings on other websites which will facilitate maximum exposure of your listings.

How we protect your information

We keep your information safe by using passwords and other industrialized means. Please use common sense when creating a password. Utilize our built in method of password creation for your maximum protection. Our server has firewall protection. Information collected by third party business partners who provide other services for example payment or order services has their own privacy policies and security procedures. We will not store your credit card information on The Right Choice Investments Corporation website. Please inform us immediately if you believe that your personal information is been used in any other way otherwise stated in our privacy policy. Please be reminded that no information transmitted over the internet is 100% guaranteed safe but do not hesitate to inform us of any security breaches whether suspected or otherwise.

Sharing of listing  information with other third parties is how we can help to get the best ex-poser for your product out their to advertise it using various means and modes to sell your brand and product on our webpage. We can guarantee once your product is still on our webpage your personal and business confidential information will not be misused or sold in any illegal format through any black market operation. Once we share information to help your  business endeavors to grow in a fast and changing international market by using our service and ex-poser as the main hub we cannot be held liable in any court actions in any country or, jurisdiction on providing the service we promise on our webpage by sharing information with other companies who may use this means to obtain personal information about a persons' or, businesses and misrepresent our  interests or, your interest this is the risk both of our companies are undertaking sending information through the internet.  The Right Choice Investments and the Humming Bird International will do our diligence work at all cost to protect our clients interest and our company reputation and condemn all acts of illegal trade and notwithstanding prosecution and court action against the perpetrators' whom are found guilty in the court of law of the land of their own country that they reside in.