THE HUMMING BIRD INTERNATIONAL, THE PEOPLE MOVER EXPRESS LIMITED, JAMAICA,, and THE RIGHT CHOICE INVESTMENTS CORPORATION, CANADA, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best Professional Real Estate Services, and Transportation Services, regardless of where we are at in the organization.

Each team member has a special role to play. For some, it is constructing and maintaining real estate contracts relationships within our organization; or, Improving the transportation market regarding passengers care and comfort, and respect as a traveling public,  designing tailor-made, innovative solutions to support the achievement of your personal or business travels growth targets while for others it is managing the company as a steering committee board members and looking for other ways in improving our product and services we are providing to the general, and business public needs. and resolving issues when they occur. In each instance, we work with you in mind.

As the holidays approach, we wish the best for you and your family. May you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas & Happy Holidays Season as we bring it in together, New Years 2020, as a Global Team.

Thanks for choosing our company to be your number one real estate and transport service choices and partner in 2019. Let’s do more amazing things together, as our companies continue in SERVING YOU in 2020!


Mr. Lloyd Alexander
Executive Managing Senior Director, and Company Chairman, The Hummingbird International, The People Mover Express Limited, Jamaica. The Right Choice Investments Corporation, Canada

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