The PeopleMover Express Limited

The PeopleMover Express Limited

The People Mover Express Limited is here to help assist to alleviate the high peek demand rush hours' periods of consistent travel. The normal periods of transporting our client/ passenger from point A to point B, in a timely manner it will be monitored and adhered to within most weather conditions such as: in the rain, light storm, sunshine but, not in a case of constant lightning, major flooding, or in the event of a hurricane our vehicles will not be operating for staff/ passengers and road safety reasons they will be parked. No need to stand at a bus location for long extended periods of time's anymore for early morning travel or, evening travel awaiting for a transport to arrive and pick you up and not be their for you in a timely manner and or, at all.

Employee's/contract driver's or, conductor's that are not professional and disrespectful to our paying traveler our "Pledge" to you our paying public, "All" of our staff will have some form of customer's service training prior to serving you. Our staff/contract drivers'/conductor's will be held accountable for their profession including dress attire/conduct, a review of their own performance will be down every 6 months or, earlier if required.

Our paying customers has also a obligation to conduct themselves in a professional manner, courteous, appropriate behavior on board, and follow all rules and safety requirements by our staff while traveling onboard with our company. We anticipate operating 7 days of the week to provide service in the morning, afternoon, and late evening. Thank-you for using our service to serve your best interest.

Our transporting service's will aid to transport local's and visitor's in commuting from one point of the island to the next; example: too and from work, social events and personal agendas. This company will providing transport services throughout the island of Jamaica In the form of using route buses & towing services to locals and visitors to Jamaica. We will provide a different dimension of service to our customers and special events groups who chooses to use our services to tour our beautiful island of Jamaica.

Combining property management services to locals and overseas residence to conduct business transaction with us at affordable reasonable market prices. Check us out you will be pleasantly surprise. Our team of real estate professional will help serve the needs that are indicated by our customers in a reasonable manner from our local office location.

Our business strives to anticipate our customers needs in a worry free setting in providing a caring and a human aspects to our service in a professional environment "Your Comfort Is Our Priority" to all of our clients.

We hold each other accountable for our professionalism, service and our product that we bring to our clients everyday from our local office, and during the time we spend together transporting them and their families from point A to point B, and providing various other services to our customers on board our transport.

Your feed back to how we are doing would be greatly appreciated "We Are Only Here to Serve You". We invite you when we a fully open to tour, and used our various services' from out existing local office location. While visiting us you can drop off your feedback. It does not matter how simple, extensive it is or, complimenting any staff member's or, our service brand we are delivering too you from our company. We will review each and every comments made. We will be seriously looking at these comments to help improve our service we are bringing to the public in Jamaica.

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