THE PEOPLE MOVER EXPRESS LIMITED, JAMAICA                             {Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper Paper Publication Ad. Edition, Sunday, September, 2023}

"New" Company North Coast Expansion Location @ Discovery Bay/Runaway Bay (Corner), St Ann & The City of Montego-Bay Jobs, Employment Opportunities, within Jamaica

Description: The Company is looking to hire employable candidates that is within the local city of Montego-Bay and the north coast areas but not limited to these areas only. Some position would need to be closer for employment opportunities. Keen and talented individual’s who may be bored and ready to get back into the work force and transfer from at home working environment back to into an office or outside working group environment setting. We are looking to add to our strengths as a transportation, laundromat/laundry, car wash, car rental, and real estate services within Jamaica. We are Hiring on the 2nd week of October 2023. Your Action Is Needed!

Hiring: Asst. operation/human resources manager - needed (2) asst. laundry manager, laundry supervisors', laundry workers  (10 needed), asst. public relation communication officer. areas of expertise: online communication, print & media publication and sale, and marketing minimum (2) Licensed real estate asst. Salesman/Agent needed (2) Asst. property management & land sales expertise minimum needed (2). Licensed current in Jamaica property land evaluators and land surveyors minimum (2-3). Experience: Receptionist, needed (3), Dispatcher & marketing sales representative/callers, minimum (2-3): Car Rental Agents needed (4). Ice Cream workers' needed (4) License within Jamaica Professional Junior Financial Controller needed (2-3) and Senior Chartered Accountant minimum (1). Transport Accident Investigation Clerk Required Minimum 2 years Experience minimum needed (1-2). IT Technicians and Electrician minimum needed (1-2). Small 2-4 cylinder engine mechanics needed (1-2) 4-8 cylinder heavy duty large engine mechanic needed (1) Vehicle detailer/wash expert - for Car Wash Bays needed (8).  Full-time/Part-time maintenance light and heavy duty repair mechanics needed (3). Preference will be given those professionals that are mechanically savvy drivers needed minimum (3-4). Should be able to operate successfully in most driving weather conditions safely within a professional manner from city to city and parish to parish. Private chartered reserved seat overseas passenger's tourist pick-ups/drop off. Candidates applying to job posting should have key Employable Sales Skills and Education/Experience in similar areas of expertise {Competitive Remuneration Package Available including soon Health Care, Dental and Eye Coverage}

·        Asst. Operation/Human Resources Manager & Dept. Asst. Manager/supervisor: qualifications: College diploma or bachelor degree in business administration, or finance & planning obtain a degree, diploma, or equivalent. 2-4 years experience in managing, able to understand and create financial accounting reports & end of month pie and bar charts reports. Exceptional leadership skills, attentive listening skills, able to thoroughly think out difficult problems, decision and have a successful track record to stand on. able to have a keen eye for talent within the staff for advancement and promotions within the company. Should have the natural ability to look outside the box and not have a sense of tunnel vision, computer literate within all micro-soft programs and other office program platform, scheduling, Able to be fair with disciplining co-workers and not be bias over anyone person that does not see it their way or their friends,  able to create effective budget costing, able to create and hold effective team and board meetings, training, hiring, interviewing, past development & overseeing authority of 50 - 100 employees responsible for within the same department, proficient in marketing and have a strong closing technique for sales or combination of both education and 2-3 years experience, attention to details, slow to anger, good written and communication skills, strong conflict resolutions and interpersonal skills, problem solver, creative, hard working, lead by example, able to conduct employee evaluations, able to follow company guidelines and policies and ensure these policies are adhered to by all staff members, able to hold employees and contract workers accountable for their own actions, should have some familiarity in the operation of transportation services and real estate services, able to involve higher management staff on their own without prompting for difficult decision making and not go alone on it, understands the paper trail formats regarding cc of important company messaging   need (1-2 person's). Public Relations Officer: Qualifications: Studies in Sales and Marketing Obtain a sales certified certificate of completion from a recognized school or, an diploma or degree in sales and marketing or, equivalent of 1-2 years comparable experience. Confident in presentation and a strong sales closing skills and techniques. Should be savvy with various computer marketing sales software platform with a focus areas on: Online advertisement, media, print publication marketing, generating & maintaining new sales contracts and employee development. This position will be added as part of the company steering committee board members. Mature professional individual required. IT. Representative: Should be fluent with various network computer platform focus areas on: creating or managing company online home webpage, network security, trouble shooting network or computer problems two year experience required. Self Motivate, with little or, no supervision required. Mature Professional individual required. Company office staff dress code: formal wear dress code. All transport employee or, contract workers dress attire is: semi-formal wear with comfortable jeans.

Job Requirements:  Accountant: Mature Professional Individual required

Financial Controller in Accounts Receivables and other supporting roles/duties to support the senior accountant.
Accountant Clerk competent in PeachTree or QuickBook. Min. 1- 2yrs. within a company that gross sales over 20 Million dollars Jamaican annual, staffing over 100 ppl. or more per month

Senior Chartered Accountant Experience Accountant Required: Chartered Accounting Practices: in Corporate Bookkeeping, Payroll, End of year corporate tax compilation, and filing and other supporting roles when requested.
Senior Accountant Clerk competent in PeachTree or QuickBook. Min. 2-3yrs within a company that has gross sales profits over 100 Million dollars Jamaican annual. Staffing over 500 ppl. or more per month

{Real Estate Sales Agents} Minimum of 1-2 Years Experience Professional. Education: Should provide proof of successful completion of the real estate salesman course at the University of Technology and own a reliable motor vehicle. Hard working, dependable, reliable, trust worthy, good interpersonal skills. strong problem solving skills, patient and not easily angered, effective listener, strong customer service skills. Strong product presentation skills. should have own reliable vehicle, computer, i-pod or any electronic devices that will able to complete effective duties. Good Leadership skills, quick learner of new tasks, able to multi-task. Well grooms professional. Enjoying meeting various type of people and is a good communicator. Mature Individual required. The Real Estate Property Sales Management Agent position, will be added as part of the company steering committee board members. Able to generating new sales contracts and maintaining existing ones over a reasonable life of that sales contract. Recruiting, training and development of new sales agents. Able to providing the necessary support island wide for all salesman and able to trouble shoot existing problems and create a structure in preventing them in the foreseeable future. Able to think outside the box, Strong leadership and management skills. Minimum of 2 years professional experience in the same role. Should be licensed to conduct real estate sales throughout Jamaica. Mature individual required.

Professional Dispatcher/Marketing Sales Representative. Qualifications: hard worker and reliable. A bit of marketing and sales skills or, complete and obtain a sales certificate, diploma, or, degree or equivalent. 1-2 years dispatcher experience and expertise in answering multiple outbound and in bound calls. Persuasive in telephone & in-person sales and marketing techniques. Should have inner drive to succeed in communication and sales and have that desired to meet or exceed personal and company goals. Effective listener skills. Medium closer sales techniques. Creative in creating effective advertisement, able to work in a team environment, and effective time management. Have a high level of self accountability, effective leader, writing & communication skills. Exp. Typing speed 50-60 wpm with high degree of accuracy. Should be able to work with minimum or, no supervision. Reliable and dependent in getting task assigned completed in a timely manner. Proficient in answering line calls and able to dispatch new calls as required. Able to multi-task efficiently. Leadership skills are required. Mature Individual Required.

·         Receptionist: Qualifications: Heart NCTVET (level 2) Certificate in Business Administrative Studies or Equivalent courses. Interpersonal/Bookkeeping skills. Attention to details, Answering various calls & taking short memo notes, Multi tasking duties, filing, sorting mail and preparing new company mail. Should be proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Access. This position supports various departments. Able to compile, create pie & bar graphs financial monthly statement reports. Internet savvy. Able to descale conflicts. bookkeeping capabilities. Trouble shooter in basic computer problems. Preferred not mandatory for the position not expired Standard First Aid/CPR certificate. Experience in creating, compilation short notes within various company department meeting minutes reports. Effective time management, personal accountability skills, effective leader, writing & communication skills. Exp. Typing speed 60 wpm with high degree of accuracy. Mature individual required. Experience 2-3 years served as a previous Company Secretary to the directors or chairman, will have overseas capacity for both duties and will play a supporting role for the company executive managing director/chairman. Company Secretary position will be added to the company official incorporation records to be second person of contact for the company with all government agencies. Notwithstanding other important responsibility when requested. This position will be added as one of the company middle management steering committee board members in helping to make strategic development decisions for the company. Mature individual required.

·         Professional Contract Transport Passenger Route Step Wagon Bus Driver, Taxi Operator or, One dump truck driver: (Required 4) a Drivers Abstract, no past accident’s record within the last 3 years. Current PPV drivers license with a minimum of 2,500kg – 8,500kg & Prefer Open License driver for company dump truck. Professional Demeanor, Not Easily Angered/Patient. Experience collecting transport fares and distributing proper calculated change, Company uniform policy. Mature Drivers needed. Able to learn quickly and take in constructive criticisms. {Requirements needed to apply submit your cover letter, resume, any supporting education documents, and any work-related award achievements; (2) past job Supervisor references. Kindly consider this as the company request for these critical references information’s. Kindly send “All” relevant supporting documents and information to the company hiring committee email address:  Lets get started (Application deadline to apply: Saturday, September 10, 2023) (Noted: Only Short-List Select Applicants will be Contacted by Email and Watts Up/Telephone. [Ensure your contact number is connected to a watts up call number]. This is your opportunity to join a dynamic sales team within a international franchise, home to some of the region’s top performers! We are expanding and growth potentials are evident.

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